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Exfoliating Pads (pack of 5)

Exfoliating Pads (pack of 5)

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These reusable facial exfoliating pads are a perfect addition to your more sustainable, zero waste beauty regime! Perfect to use with our Cleansing Balm as part of your exfoliating routine (1-2 per week).

These are unbleached, 100% organic and beautifully textured, handmade with the highest quality hemp and cotton blend french terry fabric.

Facial exfoliation is also known to increase blood flow to the skin, increasing oxygen supply to the cells and stimulating the lymphatic system. Your skin texture becomes more refined and inflammation is reduced.

Once used, simply rinse out under running water and then either handwash or add to your normal laundry. Our "Sustainable Drawstring Pouch" is perfect for keeping these together in the wash!Can be line dried or tumble dried on a low setting.

These pads can be washed and reused 100s of times over, saving your money and creating less waste and once these cloths do reach the end of their life just pop in your home compost!

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